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Mistolar & Los Palmares

Calchaquí, Santa Fé — 1898
(age: 40 years old)

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The day-book resumes on March 7, Alfred had been away since December 31, visiting La California, Rosario, and Buenos Aires.  In the opening page for 1898, the "B.H." next to "Buenos Airies" on January 24 could mean he was at the British Hospital, no reason given.

Camps, rodeos, peones, indians, yet to be figured out.


Transcription Notes: The day-book has been transcribed as written, without intentional corrections to spelling or grammar.  We standardised the date format, adding the month where missing (abbreviated to 3 letters).  Anything else we added or corrected is enclosed within [square brackets, with our comments in italics.]  (Transcribed by: Michael Mohr-Bell.)

Reference pages

Written in English by Alfred, Donkin, & others, the day-book is full of Spanglish terms as well as many other terms unfamiliar to us today.  To assist with names (people & places), maps, measures, currencies, and Spanglish terminology, we have created a set of Reference pages.  The reference pages open in a separate tab / window making them available in parallel to the diary (i.e. this window).

Missing ñoqui in San Rafael.
[Transcription in progress.]

1898 - March, April, May, & June

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March, 1898

[Author: Alfred]

— March 7.  – 98 —

Alfredo came back from down home had been away since Dec 31.–
Found camp and cattle looking very well.  Nothing very new been giving rodeos and parting at neighbors.– Martin had been parting last few days.  Indians seem to have gone out with some roba as a track of about 30 is going out and an old tordella from south puesto was found on track.  Some scandal about Miguel and the women.  Tomas Bergara & wife had been sacked.  Rubio Benites had been moved from puesto (old) to Baldomia [Baldomiro‘s ].  Baldomero & wife are at estancia and Felis Roman and wife are back at old puesto.

Dec 31 To Calchaqui and train to Rosario.
Jan 1 In Rosario (missed train on account of strike.
2 La California.
19 to Rosario.
20 to Buenos Aires
24   "    "  .B.H
Feb 8  "  "
9 Train
10 La Califor
20 Rosario
21 La Cal
Mar 5 Rosario
6 Calchaqui
7 Palmares..

— March 8 —

Miguel and Eustacio followed up the track of the indians who had stolen down near Camba’s puesto costa Calchaqui.  they had dispuntared the zanjones near Palmar lake and then got north west.  Thought not to be indians.– Had stolen 9 mancarrones, 2 madrinas & colts, 3 tame mares 2 yeguas chucaras, 3 potrita marked & 2 potritas, 1 of Ortiz 1 of Elia 1 Flores missed so far.  19 marked & 4 orechanos.  Elias came with gente to begin work tomorrow.  Filled up around stable.  A. was at Frakes also at Ewaldinos who is very ill looks like dropsy.

— 9 Mar. —

Began parting for tropa for down south.  10 men working with Elias on their own horses.  Parted out 1st on Estancia rodeo.  parted out 171 bad & old cows mostly with calves, 141 cows & calves mostly from Salado rodeo and 133 ditto from Palmar rodeo, had very good lock in late.  Total 445 m o menos without calves.  butchered cow.– It was a warm day.  Andres Ruis Diaz Comisario Rural stops night, is recorriendo.—

— 10 Mar. —

Had on rodeo del Medio which was about 7000 head and parted out about 250 cows & calves m⁄om.  Marched tropa to Ensenada and disechared.  Good day for working but began late and had to leave off at 11.30 P.M.  without finishing J. Andreas left in afternoon.

— March 11 / 98. —

Went down to ensenada and counted tropa, and then completared rodeo del Mistolar where we parted 73 cows, & calves & a few (6) novillos.  Entregared to Elias

18 novillos & toros
786 cows.  Old & bad colours.
664 calves.
  10 vaquitas to eat on road
1478 total.  Marked are 814.

Very good troop and ought all to reach, except this afternoon began to rain and tonight is very ugly for rondaring.  Pinto and gente turned up for making troop tomorrow.– Butchered cow.–

— 12 Mar. —

Rained nearly all night and a part of forenoon.– Evening clear and cold.  Cacique Mariano and indians camped in rinconado south of paso Salado; told them to clear out.

— 13 Mar. —

Sunday.  Began making tropa for Pinto.  Parted out rodeo del Medio.  12 men worked.  Parted out about 250 cows & a few novillos without about 200 calves.– Cleaned rodeo out pretty well.  Splendid day for camp.  Cool and clear.– Butchered vaquita at Ensenada

— 14 Mar. —

Had on rodeo Mistolar and parted out 200 cows & novillos with calves.– In afternoon had on rodeo de la Loma, and parted out 100.  It was a beautiful day & fine for work.  5 yuntas parted, & 2 yuntas pastoreared.  Bundled up some skins for Mrs Magrane of Las Rosas.  1 antbear 4 aguara, 1 puma, 2 gato onza,1 gato colorado.  Trodevat tried to dig well back of house but found salt water.  Butchered vaquilla at Ensenada.

— 15 Mar. —

Had on rodeo Tapera and parted out about 250 animals for troop.  Afterwards revised troop and then counted 778 cows, 36 novillos, 660 orechano calves, & 10 vaquillas.– Total 1484.  Pinto goes & takes 11 men.  Lots of water in south end of camp.  Butchered cow.  Alfredo leaves tomorrow for B.A. to see mother off, & Bill who go on the Magdalena for England.  It was a fine day.  Cacique Mariano and gente leave camp at last today.–

— 25 Mar. —

Alfredo came back yesterday from Buenos Aires & La California.

16to Calchaqui & Santa Fé
17 "  Rosario & Buenos Aires.
18saw mother & William off on board Magdalena.
19saw Patrick Adrian off on Hornsby Grange  evening saw “Poor Noblemain” in aid of German hospital.saw Llambi Campbell, Sarrelegui, & Pietranera;
20Sunday.  American Church and paid visit to Mifs V.D. Barracas del N.  left evening for Las Rosas.
21La California.
22Left La Cal for here, Mrs Van Gorder & family went as far as Rosario.
and Allgood comes along.
24Los Palmares.

Found things here looking well.  Mrs Frakes silly and stopping here.  campiaring horses–
Coldish weather.  A. has bad cold.  Ewaldino still very ill.  2 ox carts had been hauling leña for marcacion, and this morning left for Calchaqui to bring out stores
Miguel also left after butchering to look up stray cattle.  Mrs Frakes pretty bad last night.  Fine day.  Conrado Hang from San Cristobal had been here a few days ago to looks up exhibits for the National Exposition in September.

— 26 Mar. —

Paid visit to Ewaldino who is very ill still, also was up at Bargas puesto.  Arreglared Ortiz a/c for bringing mares de reculuta from San Pedro.  $2 per head, 26 mares.  peon (before) $15– 37.– to Ortiz now.– Fine warm day.  Mrs Frakes left.

— 27 Mar. —

Sunday.  Was down at Frakes, & had breakfast.  Rained a bit in morning and got quite cool.  Miguel came back from recorriendo brought 3 animals from Nicolas Tallers camp.

— 28 Mar. —

Had on rodeo Palmar to carnear [cornear ?], about 700 head.  Cattle looking well.– Sent cart to take Ewaldino to Calchaqui to get cured but he would not go.  2 carts came back from Calchaqui bringing maiz & provisions.  Had on rodeo in potrero in afternoon to part out some oxen and capared some calves.  Ernesto Pereira and gente turned up to apartar (rodeos generales) equivocacion.  Coldish day but fine.  first cold.  A goes tomorrow to Calchaqui San Cristobal.– & Miguel to La Blanca.

April, 1898

[Author: Alfred]

— April 1 —

Alfredo came back at noon from San Cristobal.  was there night before last.  Nothing new.  Miguel had gone to La Blanca to see about rodeos.  Richards promised to juntar our animals and take them to La Clara.  Hauling leña for marcacionn.– Could not find the gateados (8) in Biscacheras camp.  Hope had sent Abalos here to mark 200 bull calves @ $30.– but wrote him could not do it.  Very fine weather.  Said to have had first frost morning of 29th  Rubio Tarura here waiting to part out next week.–

— 2 Apr. —

Butchered cow in afternoon.  Miguel and Ernesto Pareira recorrered over to Guampita.  Nothing particular going on.  Hauled a load of palms and also some wood.  Juan the Chacrero went to San Cristobal.  Beautiful autumn day.  Camp and cattle looking well.

— 3 Apr. —

Sunday.  Warm day & north wind.  Gente coming together for rodeo General tomorrow.  J. Collins also for Michelas.  Telegram from Shaw asking to meet him at Calchaqui tomorrow at 3 P.M.  Notice tropa arrived at La Cal. on 30th.

— 6 Apr. —

Alfredo came back last night late from Calchaqui.  Shaw had come to there on the 4th and left again yesterday.  Still asking too high for camp and is going to telegraph from B.A. the Dr. Campbell’s resolution.  Miguel had put on rodeo here on the 4th (3)  5th (3)  and today.  Micelas, Däller, Robson and Julian, and E. Fareira sent.  Micelas & Däller did not get finished today (400).  Had very hot weather last two days and last night had sharp rain and today was a fine cool day for work.  Nothing special going on.

— 7 Apr. —

Fine cool day.  South wind.– Miguel went over to Guampita and bro’t in a mestiza bull of ours, and a redomon bullock of Ponse.– Alfredo and Allgood recorrered north of Martins tapera to lake.  No tracks going out.  Troperos (of Elias tropa) came back from “La California”.  Fixed up corral a bit.

— 8 Apr. —

Today is Good Friday and all hands have holiday.  Veloria down at Elias puesto.– News the indians stole horses from Basilio Alvarez and Jorge Dällers, (night before last).  Lovely day.  Mail was sent out by Carlos Rohr but no telegram from Shaw.–

— 9 Apr. —

Men turned up from Veloria looking rather in want of sleep.  Miguel had telegram saying had to go to Jesus Maria urgently.– Began cutting alfa in afternoon.  Juan Basco planting seeds.  Beautiful fine day.  Nothing else going on.–

— 10 Apr. —

Sunday.  Fine warm day.  N. wind.–
Mail came from Calchaqui.–
Elias Ledesma here, and looks after place until Miguel comes back.–
Trodevato cutting alfa in afternoon.  Butchered cow in afternoon and brought bullocks from potrero.— Miguel left in morning early for Calchaqui and Jesus Maria.–

— 11 Apr. —

Began raining at madrugado and continued until noon.  Afternoon N.E wind and began raining again at dark.  Nothing going on.  ditching some around place.  Chap buying cattle named A Parsoms turned up tonight.  Cattle broker etc.–

— 12 Apr. —

Fine day.– Regular spring weather.–
Carts brought two loads of wood from monte.  Took Mr Parsons up to Palmar lake and showed him some cattle.  Says he has a buyer for 5000 head of mestizo cattle and could buy at $20.–  Told him did not know about selling for a time at least.  Some men (5) turned up for marcacion but corrals are too muddy and weather not settled enough.–

— 13 Apr. —

Cloudy day and this evening began drizzling again.  Parsons left for Calchaqui, sent peon with horse with him.  Working a bit in alfa, & draining corral.  Richards turned up this evening.–
Butchered cow.–

— 14 Apr. —

Miguel came at madrugado from Calchaqui and Jesus Maria.  Mail also came, & telegram from Johnnie about Bunge re Williams affair Landa.  Fine clear day, S wind.  Nothing going on.

— April 15 / 98 —

Warm day NE wind but looks like more rain.  Miguel came from marcacion at Guampita.  None of our animals there except an ox.– Men coming together for marcacion.  Got in two loads of alfa in afternoon which was dry enogh.  Butchered cow.–

— 16 Apr. —

Began marcacion.  (de aparte) 12 outside men work with their own horses.  Had on rodeo Algarrobal and parted out 302 calves with their mothers mostly and marked them in afternoon by 3 P.M. (rodeo 1600.)  Afterwards parted out calves & cows (50) of rodeo Salado (300) and locked them in corral for tomorrow.  It looked very threatning in morning but was fine day for work.  Mail came out.  J.B. will be at Sarreleguis on 19th.—

— 17 Apr. —

Sunday.– Marked the calves in locked in last night 59.— and left them out early.  Afterwards parted out from Estancia rodeo 384 calves with their mothers mostly and marked them by 3.30 P.M.  Made up mail & telegram to Llambi Campbell.— 745 marked so far– Splendid day.  12 outside men working.– — Alfredo leaves in morning for Sarreleguis with tropilla to meet Johnnie.

May, 1898

[Author: Alfred]

— May 3 – 1898 —

Alfredo came back from Sarreleguis & Costa Parana.  Were 6 days at Sarreleguis revisaring camp and haciendas.–

18th April Slept at Bara Calchaqui.  Nicolas Daller
19 Slept at Sarreleguis
20 " "  "
21 " "  "
22 " "  "
23 " "  "
24 " "  "
25 " "  Fortunato Rodriguez near Fortin Almagro.
26 " "  San Bernardo near Saladero.
27 " "  "   "
28 " "  San Jose de Larguia
29 " "  Hopes Colonia Alejandra
30 " "   "  "   "
1May    "  "
May2    Calchaqui

Hope was marking.  rained on the 27 April & May 1.  Had beautiful weather.  Had several letters & telegrams from Shaw & Llambi Campbell ré Campo San José.– Miguel had gone on marking.
On the 18th marked from Rodeo del Medio 357 calves
On the 19 marked from Rodeo de la tapera 333 calves
On the 20th marked from Rodeo del Mistolar 346 calves.–
On the 21stmarked from Rodeo de la Loma 276 calves.–
On the 26th marked from Rodeo del potrero 54 calves.–
On the 30th marked 7 calves from reculuta Media Luna.–
On the 30th marked 36 tambera & 4 cerreros puesto San Lorenzo. –
On the 30 marked colts 23 machos, 22 hembras, 1 mulita.
On the 2nd May marked 22 potritas machos, 26 hembras, & 2 macho mulas.

Today, at Damacios puesto marked 15 tambera calves and 5 cerreras.. & 1 potrocito.  Elia marked 34 of his own.– Say marcacion passed without any hitch & only broke one.  J. Martin had been here and kicked up a great row.  Trodevoto the chacrero also had behaved badly.  H. Watt turned up today.

— May 4. —

Began going over rodeos again today.  Had on estancia rodeo & parted out & marked 90 cerrero calves & 2 tamberas.  In afternoon had on Salado rodeo and marked 38 calves.  Fine day N. Wind.
Two outside peones worked.– Juan Andreas the Comisario turned up tonight.  gateado horse got hooked and died tonight.

— 5 May —

Had on rodeo del Medio and parted out 103 calves & marked them in afternoon – making 2411 marked so far.  Warm day and in evening began drizzling.  Juan Andreas helped on rodeo and then went on to Michelot.  Alfredo and Allgood going in morning if weather permits to “La California”.  Ceferino & Juan busing making bricks.–

June, 1898

[Author: Alfred]

— June 9 / 98 —

A came back from La California.  Had been gone 1 month 3 days.  Had been to Rosariio to see about business with Mr Sarralegui, and exchanged some letters and not finished negotiations yet.– Johnnie had been up in Cordoba and A. stopped at La California until he came back.– Had plenty of rain here and esteros have plenty of water.  Elias is breaking in a tropilla of Colorados, and P. Ortiz one of Tostados.  Breaking in some oxen from San Lorenzo puesto.  Domingo Arrivani also took 18 novillos north to break in.  On the night of 31st 6 Santiaguenos sleeping near Chanares other side estero N.W of house were scared by indians who stole their horses after having a bit of fight, also the indians stole the cuadrilla of bayo horses & mares which go near laguna Palmar (about 12) altogether.  On same night J. Daljer & Martin Bros, Ramon Lopez & Etc stopped a roba of 104 mares & horses stolen from Monte Aguara at Paso de los Indios.
Miguel had gone over rodeo & marked 315 calves more making so far 2732 so far.  also 7 hembra & 3 macho colts.  Weather very warm & sultry.– Indians also stole Arrufos camp.  and another big roba of about 110 mares from Costa Conchas, also killed a bueyero of Hartenecks monte.  Ewaldino is up at Estero Ewaldino, and Juan is over across Calchaqui.

— 10 May —

Miguel recorrered up to Isletas Cura.  Found cuadrilla cows 22 near punta laguna.  Butchered cow.  Warm sultry day N.W which changed to south in evening.  Nothing extra going on.  Casimiro Gay on way from Calchaqui to Monte Aguara here for night.  supposed to have heard yells in camp after dinner.

— 11 June —

Miguel recorrered again from Costa Salado tapera. Belos towards Palmar.  Found cuadrilla cows near Martin’s tapera.  Weather changed S.E. wind and was muggy morning.  Juntaring alfa.  Have been gathering paraiso seed to send down south.  Julian Sanchez & Juan Andres here for night.

— 12 June —

Sunday.  A recorrered up to Ewaldinos and Juan’s puesto in monte.– J. Martin came and stops the night fine day, cloudy in morning.

— 13 June —

Settled up Martin’s a/c and gave him an order on Marty $2156.64.–  Miguel recorrered again up Salado.  Fine day.  N wind.  Working alfalfa, gathering paraiso seed, taming oxen and potros.

— 14 June —

Had on rodeo Potrero and butchered last cow of T.  Fine warm day.  H. Watt turned up from Robsons.

— 15 June —

Carts went to Wampita to bring maiz etc Harteneck’s had sent.  Miguel recorrered up to Isletas Cura again.  Says 15 or 20 of our cattle are among Morells.– Another funny cloudy day.– Bro’t canoe from Palmar to fix it up.–

— June 16 —

Miguel recorrered to Laguna del Perro.– Dug out batatas ½  1 cart load.
It was a warm stormy day but no rain.  Getting dry.  Elias here with tropilla he is breaking in.  Lent Baldomero horse cart to bring his wife out.  Sent 9 bags paraiso seed, 1 young lion to La California.

— 17 June —

Had indian alarm last night.
Butchered old cow.  A. recorrered south side of camp.  Trodevano began plowing for alfalfa.  The two carts taming novillos came from Guampita puesto bringing 17 bags of maiz for us.  & sugar & flour for Frakes.  Very strong north wind blowing and looks stormy.  4 men in a canoe in Salado, nutriando.

— 18 June —

Doing some woodwork for tank cart.– Handling young oxen.  Eusebio Saavedra stopping the night.  Weather cooler & looks stormy.  Miguel recorrered the Salado and bro’t in some cattle.–

— 19 June —

Sunday.  Had on rodeo in potrero for E. Saavedra who took away his cows 19.  2 are missing.  Windy day E wind.  Nothing going on.–

— 20 June —

Baldomero came with horse cart from Calchaqui bringing a few goods.— 2 carts bringing leña and taming novillos.– Looks misty & drizzly.—

— 21 June —

Warm sultry day looks rainy.
Recorriendo camp.  Carts brought leña.  Butchered old cow.

— June 22 – /98 —

Very hot sultry day and looks like rain.  Watt went with cart to bring up boat from paso Mistolar.– Mended ox cart.–
J. Martin here for rodeos tomorrow.  Ceferino plowing for alfa.–

— 23 June —

Had on rodeo del medio in morning and del Salado in afternoon.  J. Martin parted about   animals.  Cattle in fine condition for time of year..  Carts went to bring more leña
Weather changed and looks as if would have temporal.– H. Watt bro’t boat from paso.–

— 24 June —

St. Johns day.  Foggy & bit misty day.  Warmish.  Had on Estancia & Algarrobal rodeos for J. Martin.  Parted 8 or 10.– Sent mail to Calchaqui.  Parted some tambera novillos for taming.  Carts bro’t leña.

— 25 June —

Had heavy shower in night, and a misty day.  Temporal begins to blow.  Helped Martin across the Salado with his cattle 32 he had parted out.– Can do no work.

— 26 June —

Sunday.  Temporal blowing all day.  Miguel left to recorrer towards Laguna Gallareta; notice of cattle there had been sent by Julian.  Mail came from Calchaqui.–

— 27 June —

Another day of temporal & drizzle.– Butchered cow.  Sent two carts to Calchaqui for maiz & provisions.–  Miguel came back – found no cattle, Julian S. says about 40 head are in his rodeo.– Making sail for boat.–

— 28 June —

Temporal still blowing, but looks as if would clear up.  getting cold.  Nothing going on.  Killed pig.–.—
Alfredo leaves tomorrow for La California

1898 - July, August, September, & October

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July, 1898

[Author: Alfred]


1898 - November & December

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November, 1898

[Most likely author: Alfred]

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